Septic Tank Maintenance: Handling House Guests

While it may not be your primary concern when you’re hosting guests at your home, it’s important to educate your house guests on the standard Do’s & Don’ts for your septic system while they’re staying in your home. Everyday habits that come naturally to you are not necessarily second nature to those that may have city sewer in their homes. Spending just a little time education your guests can help them avoid embarrassing issues like toilet backups. Here are a few suggestions for septic tank owners who have guests coming to their home:

  1. Post a sign in the bathroom as a reminder.
    Just mentioning items that you guests should avoiding flushing down the toilet may not be enough to break a habit. When you have guests over gently remind them which items should not be flushed by posting a sign in the guest bathroom.
  2. Consider a septic tank pumpout before your guests arrive.
    While your system can easily handle the wastewater produced by you and your family, additional guests mean additional wastewater. Extra daily showers and multiple additional toilet flushes will put extra stress on your system. Have your system pumped out to accommodate your guests and avoid potential issues.
  3. Consider additional restrooms for parties.
    When you’re hosting an event at your home, restrooms and septic capacity are probably not high on your to-do list. However, with each toilet flush consuming around 4 gallons of water – you may want to consider renting additional restrooms for events that you are holding at your home to avoid toilet backups caused by an overflowing septic tank. Nowadays there are many clean and modern portable restroom options to suit your needs.

Septic tank maintenance is a 24/7 requirement for septic tank owners. In order to ensure that your tank operations optimally for years to come, it’s crucial that you help your guests understand and utilize the same do-not-flush and water efficiency guidelines as your family.

Take time to understand the Do’s & Don’ts of septic systems by reading the EPA Guide to Septic Systems for Homeowners. When the time comes for a pumpout, don’t delay! Contact the experts at Crews Environmental for all your septic needs.

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